Sunday, August 9, 2015

Recap of new releases




Driftoff, Nervous, Justin Pearson & Gabe Serbian, Chain Gang Grave, Graf Orlock, and more


Thanks, all, for the work you do with me and my bands! Some of you have worked with me for 15 years now. Others, just a few days. I am here to hook you up with the info and assets you need, on behalf of bands and labels I believe to be worthy contributors to this culture of ours. Hit me!



• Members of Kayo Dot, Time of Orchids, Secret Chiefs 3, Vaura
• "Alien pop" – dissonant, cinematic, soaring songs, in line with Mike Patton, Shudder to Think, Ennio Morricone
• Recorded and mixed at Strange Weather Studio (Liturgy, The Men, DIIV)
• In the Brooklyn scene of Kayo Dot, Mick Barr, Psalm Zero
• "Strange, aqueous... full of pop-like tunes, all hip-checked sideways and left to melt in the summer sun." –Decibel
• "Stern draw on everything from avant-garde metal to film scores in forging their self-described 'alien pop' sound." –Invisible Oranges

• The passion of hardcore punk meets the musicianship of progressive rock
• Produced by ex-The Men guitarist Ben Greenberg
• Members' past/present credits include stints in Aa, Psalm Zero, Extra Life, Ocrilim, and projects with members of Dazzling Killmen and Craw
• "The muscle of Black Flag's weirdo hardcore era and the skronk-jazz chops of King Crimson." –NPR
• "Dizzyingly complex screamoid marathons... the mangled jazz/metal of [late] Black Flag collide head on with Don Caballero's avant-prog mania." –Noisey

• Ex-This Is Hell members administer razor-sharp thrash metal attack
• "A 21st-century powerhouse upgrade of Eighties thrash... The best aspects of early Metallica and Testament." –Guitar World
• "A blend of early '90s Slayer and Sepultura filtered through a prism of Kill 'Em All... Groovy thrash that explodes with modern energy." –VH1

• Debut solo EP from Boysetsfire frontman
• Satanic post-industrial pop with nods to Death in June, Dead Can Dance, Skinny Puppy, Portishead
• "Best known as frontman for Delaware post-hardcore standouts Boysetsfire, Nathan Gray has set off on his own with debut solo EP NTHN GRY. It's a big musical departure... The new record delves into electronic and darkwave, following the lead of Portishead and Dead Can Dance." –PopMatters

• Killer young band from Orlando, FL on the metallic hardcore tip – the heaviness of Turmoil/Buried Alive, the gloom of Kiss It Goodbye
• Mixed by Taylor Young of Nails and Twitching Tongues
• On tour this summer w/ labelmates Old Wounds, Of Feather and Bone, and more
• "A ferocious outing, mixed by Taylor Young (Nails, Twitching Tongues) and chock full of metallic hardcore that will remind listeners of esteemed fan favorites such as Turmoil and Kiss It Goodbye." –Lambgoat

• Reissue of Three One G Records' very first release, from 1994
• A crucial early-'90s statement by this legendary metallic hardcore band with pompadours... ahead of every curve!
• "By the time Unbroken disbanded in 1995, their bleak, introspective lyrics and greaser look influenced two bands which changed the trajectory of modern hardcore: American Nightmare's suicide-note lyrics begat a generation of hardcore kids fixated on their own sadness, and Eighteen Visions' Morrissey-meets-Hollywood style was the template for metalcore fashion." –Alternative Press

• Ripping young trio from the Denver scene of Primitive Man, Call of the Void, etc. – savage crust/grind/gloom in line with His Hero Is Gone, Acme, or modern-day warriors Cult Leader
• Produced by Andy Patterson (Cult Leader, Call of the Void)
• On tour this summer w/ labelmates Axis, Old Wounds, and more
• "Of Feather and Bone crush instruments a la APMD and Nails... Disturbing and foreboding" –New Noise

• New York City band reaches new heights on sophomore album, utilizing a 30-pc orchestra to create a supremely intense musical ride
• Inspired by Envy, MONO, and composers like Max Richter and Hans Zimmer
• Produced by Dean Baltulonis (Lucero, Sick of It All, Modern Life Is War)
• "Emotionally devastating... moments of aching beauty" –Exclaim!

• Debut full-length sees New York hardcore, '90s death metal, and Southern sludge unite in a storm of grooving power that nods to Madball, Obituary, and Crowbar
• Frontman David Castillo is co-owner of Saint Vitus Bar, Brooklyn's home base for metal and hardcore
• "Insanely heavy... Sludgy, ripping guitars... When looking for a new band to get angry to, White Widows Pact have you covered on every front." –Noisey
• "Hardcore peppered with Crowbar's Obedience Thru Suffering..." –Revolver

Coming soon - Driftoff 
• Debut EP by new Brooklyn powerhouse, comprised of members of Junius, Rosetta, and City of Ships!

Coming soon - Nervous
• Bay Area grungers pound out awesome, paranoid jams in the Nirvana/Jesus Lizard vein on new LP!

Coming soon - Justin Pearson & Gabe Serbian 
• The Locust/Head Wound City bandmates team up on two songs for Asia Argento's new film, Incompresa, in which Justin has a role!

Coming soon - Chain Gang Grave
• Brooklyn noise punks pound out the brutal blues in a manner that should click with those intelligent and perverse enough to dig bands like Raspberry Bulbs and Tidemouth!

Coming soon - Graf Orlock
• New full-length album by one of my favorite bands in the game... LA hardcore/grindcore, based entirely on movies... This new album promises a new plot twist!