Tuesday, September 13, 2016

BODY STUFF - Body Stuff 2

Body Stuff 2 will be released November 4th on The Path Less Traveled Records.

Body Stuff 2 is the second EP by Body Stuff, the solo project of Curran Reynolds (ex-Today Is the Day, Wetnurse). The sound is like a dream state where late '80s radio hits, New York City ambience, and industrial-metal power intertwine in brief, radiant rock songs, driven by programmed drums and heart-on-sleeve vocals.

The first Body Stuff EP was written entirely in and about New York City; Body Stuff 2 was composed in a house on a lake in Maine. Lyrics range between ruminations on the past and urgent calls to seize the day. 

Body Stuff 2 was recorded and mixed by Ryan Jones of Mutilation Rites (and ex-Today Is the Day, Wetnurse), and mastered by Brad Boatright (Nails, Full of Hell, Author & Punisher).

Reference points: Bon Jovi, Billy Idol, U2, INXS, Suicide, The Gun Club, Killing Joke, Godflesh

1) Ice
2) World of Men
3) Witness
4) Cabin Song
5) Coward Song
6) Last Dance

The cover art and layout were created by Brandon Gallagher and Curran Reynolds.

Reviews of the first Body Stuff EP (2013, The Path Less Traveled Records):

"[Body Stuff] exists in a sick reality all its own... There's an analytical passion to the songs, like Killing Joke scoring a David Cronenberg flick."

"Reynolds’s lyrics are a focal point and tell snippets of stories in a hundred words or less that are as haunting as they are evocative... Add to that an otherworldly blend of drone, metal, post-rock, and more that endlessly loops, rises, and falls over a metronomic beat, and we’re looking at something glorious." 

"Body Stuff is an extremely personal ode to NYC, with haunting yet alluring, deep vocals - a cross between Justin Broadrick and Michael Gira... A stunning debut, Body Stuff is simple and pure, showcasing immense attention to detail..."