Thursday, October 27, 2016

BODY STUFF - "World of Men"

The third single off my new EP, Body Stuff 2, debuted today via No Echo.

"Of all his work, Body Stuff might be the closest to Reynolds' heart. The solo project serves as a vessel for the NYC-based musician to indulge his various influences in the worlds of industrial, '80s pop, and post-punk. Composed in a house on a lake in Maine, Body Stuff 2 is a forthcoming EP from the project that brings to mind something legendary Long Island new wave-leaning radio station WLIR would have played in the late '80s."
–No Echo

As a young kid, I was raised by my mom and my sister. There were some tough times. We were broke. We moved a lot. There was no father figure in sight. But there was a lot of love between us. For a few years in the late '80s, we lived in a house in the country in Maine, a mile down a dirt road, next to a blueberry field. My mom and I would split wood with an axe to heat the house. I was thinking back to those years when I wrote "World of Men." The song is a tribute to the women who raised me, and the life we had.