Friday, November 4, 2016

Out today: BODY STUFF - Body Stuff 2

My new EP, Body Stuff 2, is out today on The Path Less Traveled Records.

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"Creepy, beautiful, inspiring, and an interesting example of the kinds of uncommon influences that can work in heavy music today... Haunting, almost goth-ish post-rock... A deluge of heavy riffs and sweaty, groaned vocals... And though Reynolds is a New York metal star, the music on the record was written in a cabin on a lake in Maine." 

"It's as though a housebound, pimply-faced dweeb with a rat moustache started writing music after absorbing INXS, Crowded House and Cure in between all the cool stuff that led to him making Roadrunner mix tapes and bootleg Earache shirts... Malice dominates the pumping industrial of 'Coward Song,' 'Ice' discordantly recalls early Jim (Foetus) Thirlwell and 'Cabin Song' is all razor-sharp elegy."

"Written completely by Reynolds, but with instruments played by Ryan Jones (Mutilation Rites), the endeavour combines industrial metal, post-rock and experimental drone in a Killing Joke-meets-Godflesh-meets-Swans kind of way — it's totally unexpected, yet works brilliantly. While Body Stuff's 2013 debut self-titled EP was an ode to NYC, new EP Body Stuff 2 was written at a lake house in Maine and features cryptic lyrics and an eerie vibe that reflect the remote surroundings... Reynolds' dark, haunting vocals are highlighted throughout Body Stuff 2, showcasing intense emotions to complement the strange, brooding atmospheres that will linger in your mind even after it's over." 


"Of all his work, Body Stuff might be the closest to Reynolds' heart. The solo project serves as a vessel for the NYC-based musician to indulge his various influences in the worlds of industrial, '80s pop, and post-punk. Composed in a house on a lake in Maine, Body Stuff 2 is a forthcoming EP from the project that brings to mind something legendary Long Island new wave-leaning radio station WLIR would have played in the late '80s." 
–No Echo 

"Decidedly New York... Rolling, dream pop... Devolves into a sonic, post-metal pummeling that would fit right at home on a Swans record." 

"Ice-cold punk... A really catchy, fun little piece of music."

–Gear Gods

"Nods to everyone from Billy Idol to Suicide." 

"Harsh rhythms, dreamy melodies and dark, Michael Gira-esque vocals."

"Joyous experimental heavy rock music."