Friday, December 21, 2012


Here's a peek at what's ahead.

January 8 - Comadre - Comadre - Vitriol Records
The mighty self-titled album by this long-running Bay Area band, rooted in the early emo sounds of Rites of Spring yet evolving into a dynamic rock machine. Described by BrooklynVegan as a mix of "post-punk, Murder City Devils-style punk-n-roll, and all manner of rocking"! On Vitriol Records, the label founded by Graf Orlock/Ghostlimb main man Justin Smith.

February 26 - Old Wounds - From Where We Came Is Where We'll Rest - Glory Kid Ltd.
Metallic hardcore masterpiece by some young bucks from New Jersey - this is the next generation and they're breathing new life into the crushing, exhilarating vibe wielded by Indecision, Turmoil, and Buried Alive in the 90s.

March 19 - Globe & Beast - Grandfather's Axe - Melotov Records
The first release marking my new alliance with Melotov Records, the LA label that teamed up with Vitriol Records earlier this year to co-release Ghostlimb's Confluence album. Melotov's roster includes bands like The Banner, Vices, and Bone Dance. Good stuff ahead from these guys.

And coming up soon, so much more, including new noise from Black Market Activities, the label owned by Guy Kozowyk of The Red Chord, whose 2012 run included the year-end list-topping new album by Gaza, among others. I'm especially excited about the Stomach Earth debut on BMA - massive, creeping drum machine doom from Guy's bandmate Mike "Gunface" McKenzie!


And on tour:

Ghostlimb - US, Dec 29-Jan 12
Graf Orlock guitarist and Vitriol Records boss Justin Smith takes his other band on the road for a two-week tear across the USA. Bruising, vise-tight LA hardcore drenched in emotional realness and littered with esoteric historical references. Newest album Confluence is out now on Vitriol and Melotov Records.

Jar'd Loose - US, Jan 8-Jan 19
Thrashing, noise-rockin' Chicago upstarts bring their unhinged show on the road. Names like The Jesus Lizard, Motorhead and Entombed have been thrown around in reviews of the debut album, Goes to Purgatory; Terrorizer called it "one of the most exciting debuts of the year".


January 2013 also sees the end of Precious Metal, the live music series I have been running in New York since 2006. We have three shows to go! See you there, NYC.

And please look out for new actions from all three of my own musical projects: Today Is the Day, Wetnurse, and Body Stuff. There are new recordings in the works from all three. Today Is the Day headlines a big tour of the US and Canada in March and April.

Thanks to you all! Happy holidays!