Thursday, December 6, 2012

CR on CVLT Nation

I made a mixtape.

1) Ike & Tina Turner "River Deep Mountain High"
2) Company B "Fascinated"
3) Ghostface Killah "Be Easy"
4) Ministry "Revenge"
5) School of Seven Bells "Low Times"
6) M/A/R/R/S "Pump Up the Volume"
7) The Damned "In Dulce Decorum"
8) Call of the Wild "Autobahn"
9) Birds In Row "A Kid Called Dreamer"
10) Like Rats "Fire"
11) Jar'd Loose "Last Living Roach"
12) Gaza "Winter in Her Blood"
13) The Year Is One "Ungodly Behavior"
14) Pyrrhon "Implant Fever"
15) Flourishing "By Which We're Cemented"
16) Devourment "Fed to the Pigs"
17) Human Rejection "Abandoned"
18) Abominable Putridity "Blindfold Surgery"
19) Bloody Panda "Grey" (Mick Barr remix)
20) TV Baby "Powering"