Tuesday, July 23, 2013

BODY STUFF out now

My first solo record, Body Stuff, is out now on The Path Less Traveled Records.

"Curran Reynolds is a fucking creep... Hermetically perverted, [Body Stuff] exists in a sick reality all its own, one in which Prurient's Dominick Fernow has been committing industrial espionage for a syphilitic Michael Gira... There's an analytical passion to the songs, like Killing Joke scoring a David Cronenberg flick."

"Unlike so much metal where lyrics take a back seat or are unintelligible, Reynolds's lyrics are a focal point and tell snippets of stories in a hundred words or less that are as haunting as they are evocative - listen to them and tell me these are the thoughts of a sane person. Add to that an otherworldly blend of drone, metal, post-rock, and more that endlessly loops, rises, and falls over a metronomic beat, and we're looking at something glorious."

"NYC musician Curran Reynolds is known for many things: being drummer of noisecore act Today Is The Day and eclectic metallers Wetnurse, as well as a publicist and founder of the now defunct, but nevertheless influential, Precious Metal concert series. [Body Stuff] is a departure from his other bands, unexpectedly sounding more like a mix of industrial, alternative rock and experimental drone... Body Stuff is an extremely personal ode to NYC , with haunting yet alluring, deep vocals - a cross between Justin Broadrick and Michael Gira... A stunning debut, Body Stuff is simple and pure, showcasing immense attention to detail..."

"An urgent and uncomfortable record, it straddles the line between exploratory sludge, experimental noise, and even a weird bit of pop, like someone stuck Faith No More, Joy Division and Torche into a Magic Bullet... Reynolds' vocals, an authoritative and clear warble, often seems like the most solid thing in Body Stuff's musical landscape. Somewhere between heat haze and full-on hallucination, Body Stuff is a great record for when the edges of your world start melting."

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