Friday, August 23, 2013

New releases

Recap of all the good stuff that's coming up:

August 27 - SELF DEFENSE FAMILY - The Corrections Officer In Me - Family Drugs

"When he's not playing in Drug Church, running his own comic book company, making his own comics or overseeing independent record label Harm Reduction - or more accurately, at the same time as doing all of these things - Patrick Kindlon also fronts shape-shifting post-hardcore collective Self Defense Family (formerly known as End Of A Year). This latest release - recorded in a 24-hour period back in 2011 - offers up three recordings full of paranoia, anxiety and disillusion with the state of the world... Provocative and full of tension and unease, the sound of somebody at odds with the world around him, someone who's trying to work out how to change the unchangeable... A chilling and horrific vision of humanity in the 21st century."
-Alternative Press

A post-hardcore collective, known for its nebulous lineup and its vast catalog of release on a diverse list of labels (Deathwish Inc, Run For Cover, Hex Records, Family Drugs...), S.D.F. nod to Dischord Records leaders like Fugazi and Lungfish as well as the driving, anxious vibe of Killing Joke. Frontman and DIY powerhouse Patrick Kindlon is one of the most profound wordsmiths on the scene today.

Stream a Self Defense Family song via Verbicide.


August 27 - BONE DANCE - Snakecharmers (EP reissue) - Melotov Records

"Suffocating heaviness along the lines of Botch, Coalesce, and Engineer."

"Bone Dance sets the bar high for all newer bands playing chaotic metal/hardcore..."

Reissue of out-of-print EP by Boise, Idaho's finest nihilists, originally released in 2010. Sludgy riffs spiral downward, drums strike and recoil, and vocalist Morgan Mechling spits pure disgust as if preemptively delivering mankind's eulogy. Features new art and packaging.

Watch a Bone Dance video via Revolver.


August 27 - CALCULATOR - These Roots Grow Deep (LP reissue) - Melotov Records

"LA's Calculator make a similar kind of post-hardcore/screamo to fellow Cali bands Touche Amore or the now-defunct Comadre; raw, honest, and uncompromising."

Reissue of out-of-print collection of Calculator's early material, originally released in 2010. Los Angeles post-hardcore, descended from Rites Of Spring, using emotion and dynamics to the fullest. Recorded at various locations including The Earth Capital in LA with producer Alex Estrada (Nails, Touche Amore, Xibalba). Features new art and packaging.

Watch a Calculator video via BrooklynVegan.


September 24 - NERVOUS - Nervous - Twelve Gauge Records

Fronted by Jake Spek of Lewd Acts, this Bay Area crew take the hooks and quirks of Jesus Lizard/Pixies/Nirvana and twist them into anxiety-ridden California punk anthems. Awesome debut album! Recorded and mixed by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Loma Prieta), mastered by Alan Douches (Converge and so many more...)

Stream a Nervous song via CvltNation.



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